Saturday Book Review #1


Wow, this was amazing. I found Patrick Rothfuss a little daunting to get into, but once I took a deep breath and dived in, wow – what an author. Reading his Kingkiller Chronicles, I’ve been fascinated with Auri. Once I learned about a while book devoted to her, I was totally game to read it… but I figured that a book by Patrick Rothfuss about a character like Auri would be a little out of the ordinary.
I figured right!
If you’re going in expecting an illuminating story that wraps up loose ends… you’ll want to throw it across the room. If you go in expecting a character study, you’ll have a much better time.
I read The Slow Regard of Silent Things in just the right mood, though. I had a cat curled up on my feet, a quilt tucked up around me, and the baby was asleep. It was a still summer evening with the seven o’clock sunlight coming through the window, and the world was peaceful and quiet. That was a perfect time to enter Auri’s world.
I’d love to tell you more about it, but if I do, I’ll ruin everything. Trust me. Just go ahead and give this a shot, even if you haven’t read anything else by Patrick Rothfuss. You may love it, you may hate it, but you won’t forget it.

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