Recipe Of The Day: Throw-Together Pie


I’m not going to lie to you all. The main ingredient in this pie was hope. Hope that it would come together into some sort of edible form.

Everything went wrong with this.

I got all the fruit from the discount bin at a local grocery store for $2, but when that store discounts produce, it’s for a good reason. You’ve gotta use it that day, or you’re sunk.

Here’s the problem, though – I got home, got busy, and ran out of time to bake pie. Oh no. I peeled the fruit, diced it quickly, and tossed it into the fridge with a bit of vanilla and sugar.


Then, the next day… I didn’t have time! Again! Eek. I need a better plan when I buy stone fruit.

After an urgent care visit, I didn’t have the energy to face baking a pie, but the fruit was already cut. I was at the point of pie crisis. It wasn’t going to be patient another night.

So, I caved.

I stopped at a grocery store and bought a pre-made pie crust for $2. I made two half-pies in an old sheet pan. Pie-halfs. Pie calzones? I don’t know, work with me here. Sprinkled some sugar on the top, and I was off to the races.


It came out of the oven looking, if I do say so myself, gorgeous and tempting. I wanted to cut into it right away, but I was good. I walked away. Even a cheater pie deserves a moment to rest.

2015-09-07 17.40.59

Is it as good as the pie crust I make myself? Nope. This one has a bit of a bizarre aftertaste that I blame on the preservatives.

Is the pie still pretty good? You bet your britches. The fruit is amazing, fresh and sweet and just a little tart. A real earthy flavor. The peaches and plums compliment each other beautifully. Perfect for a late-summer afternoon.

Why didn’t I just make a cobbler with the fruit, instead of buying a pie crust? Cobblers are cheaper and better than bought crust.

I have a great answer for that – because it didn’t occur to me until I sat down to write this post. Oof. Pie I had determined the fruit was going to be, and pie it was.


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