Frugal Outings: Otter Point Estuary Center

In the search for affordable, fun, and educational things to do, we ran up to the Harford County Estuary Center: Anita C. Leigh Estuary Center up at Otter Point Creek

Otter Point Creek

It’s a beautiful place, with several educational displays, a beautiful veranda from which to relax and write or have a picnic. It even has a series of trails that go down around the Chesapeake Bay’s estuary. It’s gorgeous.

Estuary 1

I made friends with this little turtle. I also had the chance to look at the many different aspects of estuary life and the Chesapeake Watershed.

Turtle Estuary Fake

Estuary centers are the perfect place to bring children and engage in scavenger hunts, learn about nature, and view it first hand (please, though, leave all wildlife and fauna where it was found). There are also different programs at many centers, like Otter Point’s Center, throughout the year for different age groups.

Estuary Rep Room

This estuary center is not the only center in the area. They are a network across the country. You can find out more by going online and seeing if there is an estuary center near you!



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