Five Best Frugal Sewing Tools

At $5 or less, these sewing tools pack a big punch. I don’t want to throw my money around, but I want to use it wisely, spending small amounts here and there in ways that I think can lead to greater efficiency or less frustration. Sewing can easily be a really expensive hobby, where you pick up $50/yard wools and $100 pairs of sewing scissors… but it doesn’t have to be.

5 Pieces/lot New Clippers Sewing Trimming Scissors Nipper Embroidery Thrum Yarn Fishing Thread Beading Cutter

Thread clippers. $2.08 for five – including shipping – at the time of writing is basically impossible to beat. I might have to order another pack, because I love having them stashed everywhere. There’s even a set that is dedicated to my purse! I use them for trimming threads at the end of a project, slip them into my embroidery kit, and keep a set by my machine to trim anything that feels awkward with my good scissors.

Bulk seam rippers! $2.13 for six right now. Like the thread clippers, I really don’t know anyone who sews who can’t use these. I don’t care if you quilt, make stuffed animals, or are an expert dressmaker… everyone needs to rip a seam sometimes.

Okay, yes, this loop turner is a one-trick pony. If you don’t sew things that require turning long tubes, I don’t think you’d ever want or need one of these, even if it’s only $4.49. When I’m sewing up bag straps or anything else long and narrow, though, this turns a forty-minute exercise in hair-pulling frustration into a ten-minute exercise in hair-pulling frustration. It has earned a spot on this list ten times over for me.

No, I’m not sponsored by Dritz. I’m just a sucker, apparently, for their thoughtful and affordable products. If anyone from Dritz reads this, please contact me, as I would happily mention you on this blog every week in exchange for various sewing doo-dads. This double-sided pen is of course amazing for embroidery, but I also use it on a near-daily basis when sewing, to help me match seams and so on. Confession: It’s currently $5.27… can we call it close enough?

You’re killing me here, Amazon. When I started this list, this pincushion was under $5, but it just jumped in price fifty cents. Can we pretend it didn’t? Please? You can definitely buy one in person for under $5, so I’m counting it.

When I first started sewing, I didn’t have one of these. Meh, I thought. No big deal. No one actually needs one, a good, old-fashioned pincushion is good enough for me.

I was so wrong. Having a magnetic pincushion is so much easier to work with. I store my pins on one side and my needles on the other, so they don’t get all mixed together. Definitely one of the best tools you can buy.

Hop to the comments – what are your favorite frugal sewing tools?


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