Frugal Splurging – Pastries!

Being frugal is important to me. It’s not as important, though, as family.

My parents invited us to go out and spend the morning at a local lake with them at their campsite, enjoying one of the last warm weeks. We took our son, and he had a wonderful time splashing in the lake and stealing our bacon and eggs from us.

We also took pastries, an indulgent array of them for only five people.

2015-09-19 11.48.14_01

If we’d stopped by a large grocery store chain for these, they would have cardboard-y and oversweet. Hell with that. The local bakeries, though, are way outside our budget.

So, on our way out to the lake, we stopped by a hispanic bakery. This ridiculous bounty was six dollars and fifty cents, all told. $6.50. Can you believe that?


Delicious, delicious madness.

Being frugal isn’t about denying yourself luxuries, or not bringing your fair share to a brunch… it’s about stretching the money you spend, spending it wisely.

We had a blast, and James spent time with his grandparents, exploring the world and the dirt – covered in pastry crumbs.

2015-09-19 11.50.02_01


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