Sewing – Designing A Project!

There’s a project I’ve been mulling over for a while. There’s a serious gap in my wardrobe: I need a comfortable, versatile skirt. Doesn’t everyone? Well, everyone who likes wearing skirts.

As soon as I make my son new curtains and take down his old ones, I will have a large amount of a lovely grey flannel, not too heavy. Perfect for a skirt for half the year here.

I had a pretty clear vision about this skirt. I was going to make a tiered patchwork skirt, a DIY version of something like this from a UK site. Found it on Google Images when I was looking for inspiration – mine would be a little darker and not have a drawstring, but same basic idea.

You know, though? I might be changing my mind.  The flannel is just heavy enough that I think it would give the look of a simple wool skirt, without the itchiness. I could sew up something and flared, in a style I could dress up for nicer occasions, without being fussy or sacrificing comfort…

Garment design isn’t exactly my forte, though! Let me know what you think!


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