Poppy’s First Quilt: Choosing a pattern.

Okay. I’m starting my first quilt. This is cool, right? WRONG. It’s terrifying. I don’t even know why. I’m just convinced that whatever quilt I make, I will ruin badly, and it will be a waste of fabric.

Crazy, right?

I need to get over that, like, yesterday. I’ve wanted to quilt for years. No more excuses.

Step One: Choosing a Pattern. 

I’m going to do patchwork squares, because I like them. Now, this is simple, right? Well, no. Do I do big squares? Tiny ones? Medium-sized? Do I do them randomly, or in a pattern? Do I have an overall background color? Do I go totally random? Do I assemble them nine-patch style, or do I sew the squares into strips and then sew them together?

There are so many questions, guys.

This is what I had in mind at first. Georgina Giles has a great tutorial for exactly what I was planning on doing, and doesn’t it look great? Really impressed with it. Nice big squares, put together simply, to become so much more.

dsc_6987.jpg (450×298)

I found this quilt I really adore at Sweet – Unwrapping Life. Doesn’t look like the blogger has been around since 2012, but she can certainly make a lovely quilt. I had pretty much decided not to have any white in my quilt, but she totally unmade my decision. I’m questioning everything now.


I’ve ruled out smaller squares, even though I love them, because damn – just too much work for my first quilt. I need a more instant-gratification project, to prove to myself that I CAN DO THIS, you know? I found this great example from Film In The Fridge. The larger the squares, the fewer I’ll have to do.

See? There are too many choices. I think I’ve settled, though – a randomly-placed strip-piece quilt with 8″ square blocks. Probably. We’ll see.


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