Poppy’s First Quilt – Choosing the FABRIC!

I’ve finally chosen the fabric for my very first quilt, thanks to a very lucky find at a thrift store I love…

2015-10-08 22.01.24

I got two cotton pillowcases with this print! I love it – the neutral floral print with touches of red and blue? YES. That is right up my alley. I was already pretty sure it had to come home with me… and then I found more!

2015-10-08 22.01.01

A bright red sheet – the main solid to go with the pillowcases? Check. The large tan plaid is a flannel sheet, just the right colors to be the backing for my quilt! I’d gone to the thrift store with my mother, and, providentially, she was donating that dark plaid shirt. Nope. Just the right colors to join my quilt.

I have some more fabric from my stash to round it out, I haven’t chosen those quite yet – I’ll totally have to take plenty of pictures when I do! I’m SO happy with these four, though. Just the right start.

I got the batting, too!

2015-10-08 22.03.51

This flannel sheet actually looks way better in the pictures I took. In person, it’s pretty dingy and sad. Yellowed, aged, pilling horribly… not worth putting on my bed. It should be absolutely perfect to round out my quilt sandwich, though! I prefer thin quilts, it’s too warm in North Carolina for high-loft quilts ten months out of the year. Two layers of flannel and a quilt top should be plenty.

So, the total damage for my first quilt? $5. Plus some stash fabric and thread.

I think I can justify that.


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