6 Reasons to Make Your Own Yogurt


1. Cost

A gallon of Milk cost me 2.19 and a quart of yogurt cost me 3.89. I’ll be able to make about 3.5 quarts of yogurt (I strain my yogurt to get a greek consistency) – and I can use the whey to make sandwich bread.

2. Ease

That’s right. I said it. It’s easy. So easy that the most labor intensive things I had to do were check the temperatures (I used a thermometer with an alarm, because that’s even lazier) and stir in the yogurt cultures.

3. Taste

When you make your own you get to control what flavors you put in. That means you get a more authentic-tasting product that doesn’t have all those extra ingredients that alter the taste


4. Ingredients

Speaking of ingredients, have you ever actually looked at the ingredients list of some of these yogurts? Chemicals I can’t spell and have no idea what they are, and just a plain old lack of good quality simple food. You also get to choose exactly what milk (including maybe your own!) you want in there.

5. Whey

The manna from the gods which is used to make so many things, like bread, oatmeal, etc. You need this in your life.

6. Cheese

That’s right, you can make your own cheese from the yogurt, you just have to strain it, creating that wonderful byproduct: whey.

I’ll be bringing you my follow along recipe soon!